The victory of Onyx in the 10th All-Russian Professional Competition of the NPP "BTL Agency Selection Days" - 2018

Congratulations to the team and team of the company with a significant victory in

10th All-Russian Professional Competition of NPP "BTL Agency Selection Days" - 2018

The results of the first round are published on the official website of the contest: RADIOBTL.RU

    Direct link to the press release:

Solemnly awarded honorary DIPLOMA WINNER - Company ONYX Moscow

We are informing you of the launch of the second competitive round of the 10th RPE "BTL Agency Selection Days" - 2018.

By tradition, we invite you to take part in prof. voting for regional agencies.

In the attachment, detailed information on the stages of the I and II round of competitive voting.

Please note that participation in the contest does not require any financial investment.

The bonus program allows agencies to add "0.1" points to their rating for participation.

We sincerely hope for the possibility of the participation of the staff of your company.

Many agencies rely on your assessments, recommendations and support!

The results of 2018 will allow you to formulate for your specific goals and objectives

a backup and up-to-date database of BTL service providers in those regions of Russia, where necessary.

Supporting your best regional partners, you open new names and strengthen

the positions of companies that have achieved the greatest success in their work and the BTL community, in general.

If in a nutshell, then for participation you need:

1. Open the "Vote Form" 2018 (Excel file - see the attachment)

2. Include in the voting form the best regional agencies (Block 2.1.- main, Block 2.1.D - additional)

3. Send the completed form with a reply to this invitation letter.

The deadline for submitting the form is April 11 (inclusive).

Operative answers are welcome. Once again we congratulate you on winning the contest!

P.S. Participants of the first round, prepared specifically for you, a list of regional nominees

(the list of agencies is in the Form for voting), but there are no restrictions on the choice of companies. You

support those companies that you prof. opinions should be included in the number of

winners of the II round of the 10th All-Russian professional contest "BTL Agency Selection Days".