Get money on mobile account

Instant gift – mobile account recharge. 
After having bought the truly healthful “Frico” cheese the participant sent SMS with the code that was indicated on the pack of “Frico” cheese to a service number and received a guaranteed prize. Each code from the following packs of “Frico” cheese increased the prize! All the participants along with avail of “Frico” cheese received up to 300 rubles to their cell phone accounts! The action was supported by advertisement on the Web and on 
Number of participants for 5 months of the action: 65 668 people
Number of participants who have sent 5 or more sms: 9233 people
Number of participants who have sent 10 sms:  1920 people
The number of registered codes: 140 082, 28,01 % of total number of issued codes.