Large-scale action promoting the product in points of sales
Target group of the action included salespersons as well as end users. Various activities in wide geography of representation of the product took place. 
In stores and markets trading construction materials, salespersons motivation program took place. In frames of the program, the salespersons received bonuses and guaranteed gifts for making sales of and recommending the ISOVER Extra product. The salespersons’ work was evaluated by mysterious customers.
The ISOVER Extra promotion program also involved work of promoters-consultants in the points of sales. The promoters presented unique advantages of the new material: ISOVER Extra is made as plates of highest quality mineral cotton produced via patented TEL fiberizating technology and having increased resiliency. ISOVER Extra plates are resilient not only on the edges but in volume of the material, thus 3D effect is created. This provides tight abutment of the material without gaps in all three dimensions.