More precious than gold

Uncover the secret of the code! 
When registering a unique code from the sticks of  "Magnat Gold" ice cream, every fancier of taste of the new ice cream gets an opportunity to take part in drawing of golden iPhone 4. Every 3000th code is awarded! Chance to win depends on quantity of the codes sent and one’s luck! Real pleasure from the new ice cream in golden chocolate may turn for the true fancier into uncovering of the secret code! It is your code that could be winning and open the safe with prizes!
Registered codes - 679 190,
Registered participants - 282 190,
The average number of codes recorded by the program during the day - 6231.
In an average day was recorded:
- sms - 2346 codes
- Online - 3885 codes.
On average, a participant in the program for the period of the shares registered 1.9 code:
- sms -1,4 code
- Online - 2.3 code
By the end of the number of shares registered by one party to the codes increased and reached 2.3.
Number of visits - 1,231,866 (664,415 - absolutely unique visitors).
The number of page views - 8,015,394