More Sun

ITLV and ONYX filled the fall broadcast with Mediterranean sun.
The video demonstrates that “Extra Virgin ITLV” olive oil is a part of Mediterranean Sun on your table. Owing to the oil, it has become very easy to take care of one’s health and the health of one’s dearest, to give them energy of the sun, excellent feeling, vivid taste of food and sunny mood.
The video features a melodious song relaying the mood of the product as well as marketing information on it. Sun of “Extra Virgin ITLV” witnesses touching moments of life of a common family, attracts attention, gives new sensations and emotions, fills life with happy sunny smiles.
With “Extra Virgin ITLV” olive oil, it is so easy to give “Sun in abundance for the loved ones”. 
In fall broadcast of the federal channels, versions of the clip with duration of 10 and 20 seconds were presented.